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Ovation 22
4 Stage Control
2 Variable Speed Stage
2 Heat / Cool Stage
Ovation 24
6 Stage Control
2 Variable Speed Stage
2 Cool Stage
2 Heat / Cool Stage
Ovation 113
5 Stage Control
1 Variable Speed Stage
1 Curtain Winch Stage
1 On/Off Ventilation Stage
1 Mister Cycle Stage
1 Heater Stage
Ovation 214
7 Stage Control
2 Variable Speed Stages
1 Curtain Winch Stage
2 On/Off Ventilation Stages
1 Mister Cycle Stage
1 Heater Stage
Ovation 224
8 Stage Control
2 Variable Speed Stages
2 Curtain Winch Stages
2 On/Off Ventilation Stages
1 Mister Cycle Stage
1 Heater Stage

VAL-CO's Ovation Controller will practically do the work for you! Just set the operating parameters and it will automatically control the temperature and humidity by adjusting fans, air inlets and tunnel ventilation. It has independent temperature probe inputs which provide individual readouts. The Ovation displays absolute temperatures for all stages and you can even add on an optional humidity probe with RH compensation. The Minimum Vent Timer selects the desired time on and off, without limitations. It even has an alarm for high/low and critical temperatures plus power failure. And if that's not enough, it has a test mode that runs through the sequence to test settings and equipment.


Ventra™ 3200

32 Channel

Ventra™ 1600

16 Channel

Ventra™ 1200

12 Channel

12 & 12VS Modules

Adds 10 Outputs

2VS Vari-Speed Module

Add 2 Var-speeds

950SPS Static

Pressure Module

CS2000 Station

Add PC Communications

The Ventra family of products provides environmental monitoring and control for hog, poultry and other types of operations. Ventra controllers can be set up to meet the unique needs of either hog or poultry operations. These controlers provide a consistent climate for your animals resulting in better feed efficiency, better growth and lower mortality. This is achieved through careful monitoring of temperature, air speed, humidity, static pressure, feed use and water use. All of these "inputs" are used to determine when to turn fans on and off, when to open and close the air inlets, when to turn on tunnel ventilation and much more. Using the controller’s keypad, you simply input operating parameters for your devices, desired building temperature (which can be adjusted automatically over time), and conditional decisions such as at what humidity level should fogging/misting be disabled. Also, the Ventra can activate an alarm output relay which can be used to notify you of critical errors in water, feed, power, temperature, air pressure, RH and data communication.

Ventra™ 3200 Thirty-two channel control for hog, poultry and other types of operations.

Ventra™ 1600Sixteen channel control for hog, poultry and other types of operations.

Ventra™ 1200 Twelve channel control for hog, poultry and other types of operations.

12 & 12VS Modules Adds 12 Output or 10 Output + 2 Variable Speeds to Ventra Controller.

2VS Vari-Speed Module Adds 2 Variable Speed channels to Ventra Controller.

950SPS Static Pressure Module Control inlets and curtains based on target air pressure.

CS2000 StationAllows on-site communication between a PC and your Ventra Controller.


The VAL-CO GainTRAC™ 101 has the stages or channels needed to operate a basic hog or poultry house in English or Spanish with a touch of a button. You can operate up to two curtain machines or actuators, up to five ventilation stages, one cooling stage, one heat stage and one timer output. Use up to four temperature sensors for control and/or high or low alarm output. Display those temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius in the lighted 2-line display. All these features come in a waterproof enclosure with icon Hotkey buttons. Other GainTRAC™ Controllers for Poultry.
GrowTRAC™ Service

* Wireless monitoring of all locations
* All data accessible in one database from anywhere with internet access
* "One-click" standard reporting of site data
* Historical performance from a single site or an entire network of sites
* Productivity reporting — inventories, mortality and other site comparisons
* Supports enterprise system integration

Other VAL-CO Controls

The PolAIR™ 400HC is designed to control and regulate the PolAIR™ High Pressure Fog System by temperature and humidity. The 400HC can be configured for single or two stage / zone operation. Specifically designed for the PolAIR™ System, the 400HC includes the motor starter, motor thermal overloads, inputs for 2 temperature and 2 humidity sensors, single or two stage / zone cooling and humidification capabilities.
The PolAIR Sequence Panel includes automatic relay contacts for interfacing control devices like the PolAIR 400TC Time Controller and other activation devices such as computerized control systems or in house plant DCS networks. The Sequence Panel includes real-time monitoring and alarming of the motor thermal overloads, sequencing of the inlet water supply and pump drain solenoid. Pump run time is maintained in the sequence panel for up to 32,000 hours and an on board system maintenance meter is provided. There are also built in delays for the inlet water supply to assure that the pump starts with a full head of water. It just really can't get any easier! PolAIR™ Sequence Panel Includes automatic relay contacts for interfacing control devices.

ThermoTRAC™ Model 7000 Backup Control

A rugged, independent control that automatically takes over in case of a primary system failure. Loaded with features and capabilities that enable it to perform all critical equipment operations to maintain a proper house environment. May also be used as a contactor panel or as an economical stand-alone control. ThermoTRAC™ Model 7000 In case of a primary system failure.

Vari-Speed Station

Up to 5 stations can be added to the GainTRAC™ 3200 and 1600 controls. Each station provides two variable speed output channels. Fans may be run on time cycles or ramped up to maximum speed as temperature rises. Equipped with manual override. Vari-Speed Station Provides two variable speed output channels.

DeadBolt™ Lightning/Surge Arrestor

Effectively protects equipment from lightning damage. Available in 3 models for power circuits, telephone lines and data lines. DeadBolt™ Protects equipment from lightning damage.

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