Single Space Feeders

The Single Space S100 and S110 Big Wheel Feeders are for farrowing crates and for testing individual pigs.

The proven and patented Osborne "mechanical-flow" system makes the new Big Wheel Single Space Feeders work better than any feeder yet designed for single pigs. The S100 transparent volumetric hopper lets you track daily feed intake. The S110 gives your sows continuous automatic feed from a feed conveyor. Both feeders deliver fresh feed ad libitum without waste for maximum intake. Performance of the feeder for sows and growing pigs has been confirmed on the Osborne Demonstration Farm and on farms of leading producers.

Keep Sows in Top Condition

Ad libitum feed is always fresh and available for your sow with the S110 sow feeder. Feed consumption matches Osborne ad libitum electronic feeders for which waste is nil. Typical "tub-style" farrowing crate feeders cannot compare, even with three-times-a-day manual refilling. Refill automatically from a flex-auger without fear of a sow "unloading the bulk bin". The Big Wheel mechanical-flow mechanism controls feed delivery.

The S110 sow feeder matches eating behavior of each sow.

Retention of condition means faster return to estrus so that the sow can stay productive. Some producers even claim that many sows leave the farrowing crate in better condition than when they entered it. Our studies show that sows uniformly retain body weight, even during heavy lactation.

Optimum milk production means higher average weaning weights for piglets. Some users claim the average weaning weights increase by over 1 lb per piglet from about 12 to nearly 14 lbs by feeding their sows better with the S110. Our studies confirm that litter weights rise with ad libitum feeding with this Big Wheel Feeder.S110_Application-Feed trough stays clean, with no corners or cracks to trap feed. Washing and disinfecting are easy and quick.

The reverse trough lip of the S110 scrapes feed from the sow's chin hairs to save feed and prevents lower teeth from damaging the long-lasting RTMGlas™ trough. The reliable preset flow-rate allows for no adjustment to be needed for most feeders. A removable disk changes flow-rate for major changes in feed type.

Adaptation to existing gates is easy. We fabricate a wide range of head-gate adapters to match common farrowing crate styles or design to your special requirements.

Track Feed Intake and Save Labor

The Big Wheel S100 Feeder works great for testing individual pigs. Track daily feed intake, delivering fresh feed ad libitum without waste for maximum intake. Only Osborne's Rutene® polymer is tough enough for farm service. The transparent hopper is calibrated so you always know how well your sow or test pig is eating.

Feed test pigs from 40 lb to market.

Test pigs start quickly and gain as expected. The volumetric disappearance tracks daily intake accurately. The S100 supplements feed weight data in single animal growth trials.

Wastage is key to good tests. Like all Big Wheel Feeders, waste is so low that feed disappearance can be equated to consumption.

Adapting to existing gates is easy. We fabricate a wide range of head-gate adapters to match common individual crate styles or design to your special requirements.

All Osborne Big Wheel Feeders are patented. U.S. Patents 4,353,329; 4,462,338; and 6,199,511. Canada 1984. Others worldwide.

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