Nursery Feeders

Keep Feed Fresh for Improved Gain

Big Wheel Feeders are the right choice for your nursery. Young pigs are especially sensitive to stale feed, and Big Wheel Feeders keep feed fresh and clean, dispensing it only on demand. Pellets and crumbles flow through without damage to texture. Meal flows easily with no separation or waste. Feed efficiency and rate of gain improve when feed is kept in top condition. Trough height, size of openings, and head spacing have been carefully designed for each size range to reduce stress and promote consumption.

Model RN4 1 Bu./35 L Feeder

The smallest Big Wheel Feeder is sized right for pre-nurseries and is ideal for use in the dividers between crates or in fence lines with our optional Fence Line Adapters. This model is designed to serve approximately 25 pigs from 10-days-old to 35 lb (15.9kg). Trough diameter is 18 in. (45.7cm), height 24 in. (61cm).

Model RN3 3 Bu./106 L Feeder

This intermediate nursery Big Wheel Feeder takes about 40 pigs from 2 weeks to 65 lb (29.5kg). Works well in fence line installations with optional Big Wheel Fence Line Adapters. Trough diameter is 22 in. (55.9cm), height 30 in. (76.2cm).

Model RN1 4.5 Bu./159 L Feeder

The largest nursery feeder, the RN1 serves about 60 head from 2 weeks to 80 lb (36.3kg). The 26-inch-diameter (66.0cm) trough is designed for larger nursery pigs. Height is 36 in. (91.4cm).

All Osborne Big Wheel Feeders are patented. U.S. Patents 4,353,329; 4,462,338; and 6,199,511. Canada 1984. Others worldwide.

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