Osborne Feeders Cut Waste, Cut Maintenance, Streamline Swine Feeding, Improve Feed-to-Gain Ratios

When Osborne Industries set out to build a better feeder for hog operations in 1975, a revolution wasn't what we had in mind, but that was what we started. Our Big-Wheel feeder revolutionized pork production by vastly reducing two of the biggest cost factors associated with feeding hogs: feed waste and labor.

Big Wheel Pig Feeders from Osborne Industries have become the industry standard in the United States, with 50% market share since 1985. Leading producers specify efficient Big Wheel feeders. There is no-waste, no-adjusting, no-cleaning. Discover what a labor-saving Big Wheel feeder can do for your operation.

All Osborne Big Wheel Feeders are patented. U.S. Patents 4,353,329; 4,462,338; and 6,199,511. Canada 1984. Others worldwide.

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