Bulk Feeders

Bulk Feeders Performance on a Larger Scale

Everything that makes the Big Wheel Nursery and
Finishing Feeders top performers applies to the Big Wheel Bulk Feeders as well. Like the other models, these big Bulk Feeders are engineered to eliminate waste, adjustments, cleaning, and plugging. They are built to last for decades and to feed hogs without wasting your feed or your time. Construction materials include Osborne RTM-GLAS™ reinforced fiberglass and heavy-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel on all the lower parts of the feeder to slow corrosion. Rings, lids, and ladders are also galvanized.

Bulk Feeders use the same self-regulating combination of adjustable feed cone, feed sweep, and feed wheel that make the Big Wheel line the money-saving choice for all feeding applications. All five sizes are rated to serve 90 head, although users report success with even higher numbers of hogs per feeder. Feed capacities range from 25 bushels (881 liters) for Model RO-25 to 105 bushels (3,700 liters) for RO-105. They function equally well on level and sloped floors, inside barns, or out in the open. Trough lids are not needed. Plugging is not a problem, even after heavy rains, because the Big Wheel self-cleaning action keeps feed flowing.
All Osborne Big Wheel Feeders are patented. U.S. Patents 4,353,329; 4,462,338; and 6,199,511. Canada 1984. Others worldwide.

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