GroMaster Crystal Spring Nursery & Sow Feeders

N2-Series Flat Bottom Nursery Feeder

Water-level control increases weight gain in the early stages by reducing the learning curve small pigs have with water nipples. EZ-Adjust patented adjustment system allows complete control of feed flow. Heavy duty 304 Stainless Steel construction. Multiple holes and knockouts for mounting in all situations.

N3-Series Dry Nursery Feeder

Heavy duty 304 Stainless Steel construction will NOT rust ever. Overlapped and folded reinforced panels to avoid sharp or exposed edges. EZ-Adjust patented adjusting system for easy, repeatable and fine feed flow adjustment. Available in sizes from 8" up to 48", single and double sided. Up to 16 spaces per feeder.

S4-Series Comfort Sow Feeder

A two piece feeder with a comfortable area for the sow to rest her head when she is lying down extending the usable space within the crate. Unique hopper-gate design of the S1700 increases aisle width by 8". Provides the sow with a dry feed shelf, water supply, and feed pan to mix feed and water. Easy to adjust and clean.

S2-Series Wet/Dry and Dry Sow Feeder

The Crystal Spring Wet/Dry Sow Feeder optimizes feed intake during the critical production phase. Durable 304 Stainless Steel construction. Easy to adjust. Easy to clean. Available in 12" and 15" models. Also available in a dry model.

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