Rohlfing's Country Estate Products...Matchless Integrity.

Rohlfing's Country Estate polyvinyl components are constructed of scientifically formulated 100% virgin PVC compounds...consistently outperforming any and all wood, metal or imitation polyvinyl fence products.








Georgetown Specifications:

* Standard Height Options:: 36", 42", or 48"

* Post Spacing Options: 4' or 6' center-to-center

* Post Dimensions:

* Standard Post Depth:

* Standard Cap Style:: 3 1/2 x 3 1/2" Traditional
* Horizontal Dimensions:: 1 3/4" Thick x 3 1/2" Wide
* Picket Spacing/picket Dimension.: 1 9/16" / 3/4" x 1-1/2"
* Ground Clearance:: 2"

Everybody loves the traditional American picket fence and Rohlfing's Country Estate’s Georgetown is the most durable and trouble-free picket fence ever. It is meticulously constructed of virgin polyvinyl chloride extrusions that never need painting. They simply shrug off chipping, cracking and rotting problems so common to wood construction. The finest improvement to picket fences came hundreds of years after the fence was originated . . . it’s Rohlfing's Country Estate’s Georgetown.

(Gothic caps optional)