Rohlfing's Country Estate Products...Matchless Integrity.

Rohlfing's Country Estate polyvinyl components are constructed of scientifically formulated 100% virgin PVC compounds...consistently outperforming any and all wood, metal or imitation polyvinyl fence products.









Ranchero Specifications:

* Standard Height Options:: 16" = one rail, 24" = two rail
* Post Spacing Options: 6' center-to-center

* Post Dimensions:

* Standard Post Depth:

* Standard Cap Style:: 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" Traditional
* Horizontal Dimensions:: 1" Thick x 4" Wide
* Picket Spacing/picket Dimension.: 7" Between
* Ground Clearance:: 10" (One Rail) or 7" (Two Rail)

Whether it serves as the boundary for a flower garden or a small estate, a Ranchero fence makes a beautiful, yet distinct border around any property. One or two rails establish a clear deterrent without becoming a barrier to people or lawn equipment.