Stain Test













Scratch Test


One simple scratch can cost a fortune. Many deck refinishers charge up to $2,000 to refinish alternative decking, stripping the surface of grain. Can your deck resist the impact of moving furniture, scuffing shoes and dog paws at play? Will the grain hold up in high-traffic areas? Use a key to test the decking surface.

a. Try to scratch the surface of the Azek and competitor boards with your fingernail.

b. Then, drag a key across both boards, using slight pressure. Try again, using more pressure.

c. Notice the superior grain retention and scratch resistance of the Azek board.

This scratch test demonstrates how resilient the Azek surface is, which ensures grain retention as well.

Typically, many composite boards will lose grain in high-traffic areas. In fact, many manufacturers recommend "No Power Washing" because this may remove protective polymers. The Azek surface features a unique Celuka top-layer that is fusion-bonded with the board during the manufacturing process so it won't wash off... and you can enjoy your deck without worry.
















Azek Decking

Building a deck is a major investment. Why not build with a decking material that exceeds expectations? With Azek decking you'll get technology that takes on the elements, color that lasts longer, and a scratch and stain resistant surface. Now why would you look at alternative decking materials, when you get all of this from Azek decking?

It can happen at any time. A greasy hamburger slips off the plate, landing face down on your deck. Will your deck's surface stand up against this and other unavoidable mishaps? Take the stain test to find out.

a. Apply a quarter-size amount of BBQ sauce, cooking oil or ketchup to the Azek board. Let it soak in while you make the same application to the competitor board.

b. Wait 15 minutes, blot the competitor board and wipe dry.

c. Leave the spot on the Azek board for as long as you'd like, then blot and wipe the board dry.

Many deck boards are made with wood fillers, so everything from grill splatter to leftover fall leaves can absorb into the surface. This leaves long-lasting spots and also opens the door to mold growth.

Azek's vinyl deck formulation does not harbor mold, which is a major problem in the decking industry today. To combat this problem, many competitor boards are coated with a polymer for stain protection, but this coating diminishes when exposed to the elements.

Azek decking materials are engineered without wood fillers so that the surface resists stains and mold from the inside out.