Azek Decking

Building a deck is a major investment. Why not build with a decking material that exceeds expectations? With Azek decking you'll get technology that takes on the elements, color that lasts longer, and a scratch and stain resistant surface. Now why would you look at alternative decking materials, when you get all of this from Azek decking?

Technology That Takes On The Elements.

All alternative decking materials are not created equal.

Azek decking features a solid-core, cellular vinyl construction, containing no wood fillers that will compromise performance.

Azek's advanced formulation produces one of the strongest and lightest decking material available. You also get the added benefit of Fibertech that minimizes expansion and contraction.

Good For You. Good For The Environment.

Azek decking contain no harmful chemicals. They are also insect and termite resistant to protect your investment year after year.

It All Adds Up To A Smarter Investment.

Enhanced performance - engineered with solid-core, cellular vinyl that has no wood fillers to compromise performance.

Minimized Expansion and Contraction - due to exclusive Fibertech flax additives.

Long Lasting Color - by Colorfast Solutions from Americhem, one of the industry's leading color experts.

Scratch Resistance - strong, dense surface helps prevent grain loss or scratching, even in high traffic areas.

Stain Protection - surface resists tough stains and allows for easy soap and water clean up.

Mold Resistance - vinyl formulation does not harbor mold.

Easy Installation - no pre-drilling necessary; permits countersinking with no splitting or surface distortion.

Lightweight - 30-40% lighter than the average alternative decking.

Limited Lifetime Warranty - one of the strongest in the industry.

Custom Fastening - color matched screws and exclusive Tiger Claw hidden fasteners are available.

Insect and Termite Protection - unique formulation does not attract insects and termites.

Environmentally Friendly - no harmful chemicals.

Details Right Down To The Very Last Grain.

Azek's proprietary embossing system creates one of the most aesthetically pleasing wood grain finishes in the industry. You'll enjoy the classic beauty of stained wood without the ongoing hassle of upkeep. The natural wood grain finish also provides slip resistance.

Scratch And Stain Resistant Surface.

Thanks to Azek's grain embossing system, you'll see tremendous scratch resistance and grain retention over time, even in high traffic areas. Also, Azek's resilient material composition means that even stubborn stains and mold don't stand a chance.

Click on the picture to take the scratch and stain test.

Azek Colors And Sizes

Decking planks are 1" x 5-1/2" and are available in 12', 16' & 20' lengths.

Rim joist covers are available in 1/2" x 11-3/4" and 1/2" x 8", and are 12' in length