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Chemilizer HN55 Medicator
The HN55 injector is designed as a two-part system comprised of a water
motor and chemical pump.  The non-electric water motor functions on demand
of the water flow.
Inserted into the bottom of the water motor is a positive displacement chemical
pump.  The chemical pump draws directly from a stock solution container and injects
into the water line.  No chemicals enter the water motor.
We Repair Chemilizer Medicators

Chemilizer Parts

Chemical Pump Assy.
Ceramic Sleeve
Pump Rebuild Kit
Tension O-ring
Body Cap O-ring
Chemical Hose Assy.
Diaphragm Assy.
Viton Check Valve
Pump Stem
Pump Housing O-Ring
Twist Air Vent
PVC Filter

Heavy Duty Water Filter Housings
*Large Capacity for high-flow applications.
*10" housing uses 4 1/2" cartridge.
*1 1/2" inlet & outlet  
*3/4" inlet & outlet     
Replacement Filters
2 1/2" X 9 3/4"          
4 1/2" X 10"              
Spin Down™ Filters
*Clear cover allows for quick view of
collected sediment.
*Sediment is easily removed by opening
1/2" ball valve at the bottom of filter.
3/4" Filter                        
1 1/2" Filter                    

Water Meter

*3/4" MPT adapter kit included
*150 PSI max. water pressure
*120°F max. temperature

Hudson Valve
Great for trough watering
1" female thread
5" H X 3 3/4" Dia.

Repair Kit      
Adjustable Pressure Reducer
A top quality pressure reducer that won't restrict water
flow, even at low settings.  Adjustable from 10-25 lbs.
3/4" inlet & outlet    
1 1/3" inlet & outlet  

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