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Wet/Dry Feeding System
Single-Space, Double-space and Triple-Space

Chore-Time's GENERATION 4™ Nursery, Wean-to Finish
and Finish Feeders are designed to save hours in clean-out and
feeder adjustment time as well as to prevent feed waste.  These
welded feeders can be used in the center of the pen or as a 
fence-line feeder.

Manufactured by STACO®
Hogs eat dry from an upper shelf, drink from a trough 
below.  The Crystal Spring units are manufactured using
heavy gauge 304 stainless steel.  With a Crystal Spring
Wet/Dry System, hogs get all the feed and water they
want when they want it, without competition.

Call for prices.

      FLEX-AUGER®-"the best way ever devised to deliver feed."

Outlet Drops

Bearing and Anchor Assemblies

Translucent Lexan Control Box

Various Flex Auger Capacities

Drop Feeders

HALO Feed System Control
HALOJRMAX 240V Max Run Timer
We stock replacement
tube, flex auger, motors, 
gearboxes, boots, sensors 
and Micro Switches for
Chore Time Feed
Delivery Systems.

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