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VirKon S delivers a 99.999% kill in minutes.
Cleans and disinfects ina single operation.

10# pail
Synergize is the next level of bio-security for 
your sanitation needs.  Ideal for:  general 
sanitation, pork and poultry facilities, foot

Tek-Trol germicide remains active
under extreme orgnic conditions with
proven residual control.  Kills broad
spectrum of microorganisms.
15 oz. aerosol
DC & R

A broad spectrum residual disinfectant
which keeps working up to 7 days after

Handi Farm Sprayer

Use in spraying livestock for lice and mange,
disinfecting farm buildings, in farrowing houses
and equipment.

Motomco's Rodent Control System Professional Strength Rat and Mouse Baits

New RAMPAGE for heavy infestations or where you suspect resident rodents.
Use RAMPAGE for two months to reduce population in the shortest amount of
time. With New RAMPAGE rodents also stop feeding after ingesting a lethal dose

3.5# Bucket 15 gm place pack
15 gm place pack each
4.5# Bucket 15 gm Bait Chunk

After two months, switch to JAGUAR with Brodifacoum that kills any remaining
rodents in a single feeding. Use for four months. JAGUAR is especially effective
on difficult-to-control mouse infestations.

Jaguar Chunk 9 lb. pail
50 gm place pack (150/pail)
50 gm place pack each

Once rodent populations have been reduced, follow up for six months with HAWK
to kill rodents that occasionally get into your facility. HAWK kills in a single feeding.

1 lb. Hawk Block each
1.75 lb. pail Hawk Bait Chunk

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