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Laco All-Weather Paintstik®
Easy to apply, non-toxic, lead free,
long lasting marks.
Variety of colors
Raidex Twist Up Livestock Markers
Bright, long lasting color, twist up holder
allows you to use the entire stick.
10 sticks per box - Blue, Green, Orange, Red

Concentrate Livestock Marker
16oz. Makes two gallons.
Aerosol Marking Spray
*14 oz. can                
*For Hogs and Cattle
*400-400 Uses Per Can

Stock Shock

Long lasting liquid livestock 
Fluorescent Pink - Orange -
Green - Blue

Roux Syringe
50cc pistol grip syringe for repeated doses.

Pig Tooth Nippers
Stainless surgical steel tooth nipper
that will not deteriorate.

Prima Tech Syringes
New advanced design makes it more comfortable to use.
Patented spring tensioner easily adjusts to user and conditions.
2cc and 5cc dosages.
Rugged Construction.
Waist and Arm Belts

Medium Waist Belt        
Large Waist Belt             
Medium Arm Belt           
Large Arm Belt               
Prima MARC Paint


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