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Comfort Zone 20™
175 Watt PAR Bulb

A new 175 Watt PAR 38 Heat Lamp 
with unmatched performance for swine


Philips PAR 100 Watt Heat Bulb
Equal to 125 Watt Regular Heat Lamp

 Sylvania 125 Watt
"Economy Heat Lamp Model"
This model utilizes a 4-guide wire filament
support design to insure that vibration has
the least effect on life hours.

General Electric Heat Bulb
  • 6 Bulbs per Box
  • 125 and 250 Watt
Quality Heat Lamp Holders
  • Heavy 16 ga./2 wire 9' cord
  • Porcelain socket with screw terminals
  • Heavy gauge reflector
9' Replacement Cord

Porcelain Replacement Socket

2-piece porcelain with copper screw  terminals







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