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Permanently sealed drive motor which makes the
unit moisture proof, shock proof and extremely
durable.  The HS2000 provides longer battery
life that any other Hot Shot.  Cases are con-
structed of rugged green ABS plastic.
Model HS2000

24" with Fiberglass Shaft                 
36" with Fiberglass Shaft                 
48" with Fiberglass Shaft                 
36" Rechargeable                            
    Replacement Accessories for
      Hot Shot HS2000 Shocker
Replacement Batteries (6 pack)         
110V Charger/Adapter                      
12V Cigarette Charger/Adapter          
Green Hot Shot Replacement Motor   
Rechargeable Battery Pack                 
"Rigid" Fiberglass Shaft

24" Fiberglass Shaft (actual 15 3/4")  
36" Fiberglass Shaft (actual 27 3/4")  
48" Fiberglass Shaft (actual 39 3/4")  

                 The next generation of Prod Technology
The DuraProd delivers consistent, superior performance in a new ergonomic design.  Benefits
include:  Durability - sealed circuit ensures unit will cork in all conditions. Reliability - tested
using six proprietary measures to ensure consistent performance. Safety - new patent pending
Circuit Isolation Technology reduces feedback shock during use.  User Comfort - new handle
design featuring rubber overmolded grip, oversized trigger and hand guard.
DuraProd Livestock Prod w/RH36 Fiberglass Handle                  
DuraProd Rechargeable w/RH36 Fiberglass Handle                    


  • Polyethylene green paddle.
  • Vinyl coated fiberglass shaft.
  • Safe & humane way to sort.
  • BB's inside for noise.
  • 42" & 48"

  • Lightweight
  • Smooth sharp edges.
  • Made of high density polyethylene.
18" X 30"             
20" Hinge Kit w/Drop Pin
30" X 36"  30" X 48"       
 Sort Panels can be hinged in                                          
combination of sizes.
Painted Steel
with red rubber handle.
Strongest on the Market!
Short 18" size.  Cable is
loose at both ends.

             Uncle Moe
  • One man operation
  • Self-adjusting
  • Holds pigs from day old to 50#
  • Weighs 15#
Not as Pictured
Tire height 16"
The bigger wheels roll over

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