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Rohlfing's of Cleveland, Inc.
     507-934-5960 or 800-366-6977
Rohlfings Installs and Repairs Curtains
We sell only top quality material. Lumite non-insulated curtain is a heavy woven material that will let light through. Insulated Curtain has a heavy white outer fabric that is water proof and UV resistant. Translucent Curtain is air tight with incredible strength and shrink resistant.
Translucent curtain lets about 70% of light in.
SafeTRAC CURTAIN AND INLET OPERATOR AIRSTREAM VENTILATION SYSTEMS 1/2 HP handles both sides of a building up to 350 feet.
We stock A.T. Newell repair parts. Curtain Motors - Gear Case - Circuit Timer & Motor - Door Switches - Limit Switches - Belts - Reversing Relay - Thermostats
Aircraft Cable Galvanized 5/32" 3/16" Stainless Steel 1/8" 5/32" 5/16" Curtain Hardware 3 1/2" Nylon Pulley 3 1/2" Cast Iron w/ grease zerk 2" Nylon Pulley Plastic Split Nut and Bolt 1/8" 3/16"
Hand Winch

Rigid, welded reel construction for added strength. Heavy duty handle with molded grip.

Nylon Curtain Rope Outlast standard rope! 100% Polyester 1/8" X 1000' roll
Clear Curtain Repair Tape 4" X 48' Roll
PVC Bird Barrier
  • Outlasts chicken wire
  • Lightweight
INSULATED PVC BAFFLE BOARD Accurately controls in-coming air in hot and cold weather. Made of PVC plastic with attached flexible plastic hinge. Call for Current Prices
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