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Thermostats and Controls

Sunne Thermostat

*UL Listed
*3° differential
*Used for heating and cooling
*Weatherproof enclosure
*NEMA 4x rated

Sunne 2-Stage Cooling Thermostat

*UL Listed
*Fixed 3° differential
*Plastic enclosure
*Stainless steel coil sensor

Portable Thermostat with
Piggyback Plug

Plug the thermostat into an outlet and the
heater or cooling equipment into the back
of the piggyback plug.  
8' 110 Volt Cord, 12 Amp.

Weather and Corrosion 
Resistant Temperature Control

*Easy to read LCD display
*Remote temperature sensing
*Can be used for two stages of cooling,
two stages of heating or one stage of 
cooling plus on stage of heating.
*Replace Thermoputer on AT Newall 
Curtain Machines.

Phason MSC-4
Manual Speed Controller

*Solid State, single phase controller designed
to manually control motors, lights and heaters 
in agricultural facilities.

Phason MTC-4C

*Automatically modulates fan according
to temperature change.
*Adjustable idle speed.
*Temperature range 40° F to 90° F

Honeywell 4-Stage Control

*4 on/off stages - heat or cool
*LCD digital temperature and function display
*Easy to program
*UL Listed

Thermalarm® III

Put it in your barn, hook it up to an alarm,
and tell it what temperature range is best 
for you animals.  If the temperature goes
above or below that range, Thermalarm lets
you know immediately!  Simple set-hand 
adjustment.  Temperature range 20° F to 110° F.

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